Community Council

Easdale Island shares a Community Council with the Isle of Seil – Seil & Easdale Community Council.

The current Community Councillors are:

Seumas Anderson – Chair

Mike Shaw – Treasurer

Heather Chaplin (Easdale Island)

Christopher Dugdale

Tina Jordan (Easdale Island)

Alan MacFadyen (Easdale Island)

Robert Rae

Ann Robin

Charles Struthers

Martin Waddell

The SECC can be contacted through their Secretary Jane Nichols –

Community Council notices, information, minutes etc. are posted on the Seil Island Online website – – where you can find a host of other useful stuff, as well as participate in the lively Seil Chat forum!

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  • Subject :- ‘The Atlantic Bridge’. This tourist attraction is a ‘magnet’ for tourists, but highly
    dangerous for drivers. A better use for the bridge would be, perhaps allowing
    ‘pedestrian’ only access. Obviously the alternative to that change requires huge
    funding for the inevitable vehicle bridge/approach roads scenario!

    However, the National Lottery may provide a goodly amount of the necessary
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