How the site works

Now that there’s more content on the site, a few people have said that they’re having difficulty navigating around and finding things that they’ve looked at before, so here’s how it works.


When you enter the site you’ll see the most recent post displayed at the top of the screen. Scroll down to view all the posts in date order of posting.

In the left-hand bar:

Recent Posts – the titles of the five most recent posts are listed, and you can go directly to any of these by clicking on its title.

Recent Comments – the five most recent comments are listed, each accessible directly by clicking on a selected comment.

Archives – click on a selected month to see all the posts for that month.

Categories – click to view all the posts and comments made under each particular category.

Leaving a comment or a reply:

You don’t need to log in.

To comment on a post: Click on “Comments” at the bottom right of the post. This will display any previous comments on the post, and also a box for you to leave your own comment.

Enter your name (or an alias, if you so choose). This is the name that will be displayed on your comment. Enter your e-mail address (which will not be displayed), then type your comment into the box.

To leave a reply to a specific comment: Click on “Reply” underneath the comment and proceed as above.

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