The magazine Editor is: Julian Penney

and the Associate Team are: Jenny Smith and Henry Tarbatt

The aims and objectives of the Easdale People team are:

  • To unite residents and friends of Easdale Island in common causes.
  • To share items and matters of interest.
  • To work with, and co-operate with, other groups to further common aims.
  • To recognise and respect the reasons why people choose to live on the island, and to support and maintain the peace and tranquillity of the island.
  • To preserve the conservation status of Easdale Island.
  • To promote the special and unique qualities of the island, especially that of its environment and biodiversity.
  • To initiate any actions as necessary for the protection of the island’s conservation status and environment.
  • To maximise the use of the Community Hall by local residents for the original purposes intended.

3 Responses to “About”

  • mortimer:

    I lived on Easdale Island for a number of years, and was for a short period involved in the production of the paper version of Easdale People. I am delighted that it is now back in existence in its new electronic form. One of the things I didn’t like about the previous version was its total ban on comment on island affairs, and I’m pleased no end that individual views can now be publicly expressed in print. We still take a keen interest in island news, and are sad that some of the same things that encouraged us to leave are still going on.


  • Tina:

    Hello ‘Mortimer’

    I can’t agree that the paper version of the EP had a ‘total ban’ on island affairs, rather it simply presented a view that the island was one big happy family – unrealistic for any community. It might also be argued that it gave the impression we were more of a ‘commune’ than a ‘community'; everyone agreeing with one and other so much so that all residents eagerly go to each others’ parties. Of course this never happens, but when folk choose not to go to parties they are often criticised. Sadly this finger pointing at individuals is probably an attempt to force residents into feeling guilty and to re-enforce the myth of the one big happy family. I don’t think I know of anywhere else where a select minority of individuals try to dictate that all village residents must be best friends – I suspect too many people don’t get off the island enough and instead listen to too much of The Archers! Maybe they even believe that they are ‘influential people’!

    I look forward to reading about the different views of island life on this website. You will no doubt read that things ‘are still going on’ but at least they will be out in the open and available for all to see.

  • Pete:


    Also having lived on the Island for several years, it’s good to see a publication like this.

    It’s about time people realised that it’s not a happy community, but there is a good proportion of people on there who are solely interested in self promotion; And the minute a camera from a media organisation arrives, are only too quick to get their face in the media, at the expense of the actual well being of the island and its community.

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