Hello there! Welcome to Easdale People Online.

The time seemed right for yet another incarnation of Easdale People, the magazine that occasionally lies down and goes quiet for a while, but never totally gives up the ghost! Finally catching up with the march of technology (and avoiding all the time-consuming layout stuff, and the costly printing) the magazine has at last gone global, to keep everyone up-do-date with current debates, issues, gripes, congratulations and the rest of the rich tapestry of life in this small corner of the world.

Please join in. Contributions and suggestions will be gratefully welcomed.

Many thanks to Nick Bowles of Webcraft for setting up the website and designing the layout.

11 Responses to “Welcome”

  • lizzy:

    Congratulations on the relaunch of the easdalepeople.

  • Stuart & Wendy:

    Congratulations guys – Remember, we are always with you.

  • Tina:

    Welcome back, Easdale People!! Great to have a new electronic version – lots of scope for community interaction. Well done!

  • Tina:

    Does anyone remember the Easdale Echo? What a hilarious take the articles had on Easdale Island community life! Any chance we can revive the ideas here?

  • Dumb Blonde:

    I remember the Easdale Echo – is it in the island museum?

  • Germanocean:

    What a shame you weren’t able to record my comments congratulating Mike MacKenzie on being elected to the Scots parliament. I am sure you have good reason for this, however, it does seem to sit at odds with your statement that your website is the democratic voice of Easdale. Maybe some people (like me) don’t deserve my voice to be heard!

  • easdale:

    Apologies. Your previous comment got caught by our SpamNet for some reason.
    Anyway, we’d prefer not to get involved with National politics on here! If you want to engage in discussion about the results of the election, there’s already a thread on the Seil Chat forum here:


  • Well Germanocean you seem to be the only one who seems to think that Mike Mackenzies elevation to List MSP is a good thing. Don’t forget It was not an election and no one voted for him. I know a lot of people most of them SNP supporters who are horrified at this result.
    Here is a man who does not pay his bills!!. The SNP deserve better than this, I have read the newspapers and note the ongoing litigation between Walton Electrical V Mike Mackenzie Builders and am aware that Mike Mackenzie Builders v Howdens was settled out of court by Mike Mackenzie a few months ago,and that in 2007 liquidators had been appointed against Mackenzie Builders for non payment of building materials to Woolsey Builders Centre Oban but this was settled at the eleventh hour.

    This sort of behaviour damages local businesses and can threaten the very existance of small firms. Not only does the SNP deserve better but also do the people of Argyll & Bute and The Highlands

    a not too happy SNP supporter.

  • Germanocean:

    Thanks. I wasn’t trying to get you involved in national politics, just wanted to mark an important event for one of the Easdale people.

  • Germanocean:

    If you don’t want to get involved with national politics, why did you allow Alan Brodie’s post in reply to my message? I didn’t say that Mike being elected was a good thing, I have no idea what Mr Brodie is talking about with his various allegations and I don’t vote SNP, but nevertheless, I’d still like to congratulate Mike on becoming a member of parliament.

  • Private I:

    Is it a case of persiflage? Or did anyone see our new MSP actually repairing the harbour wall as he said he was when he received the news of his ‘election’?

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