Rib Rendezvous Update

Seafari have  sent the following update on the RIB Rendezvous weekend:

Colonsay, Garvellachs, Corryvreckan

RIBs of all sizes attending & cruising in company



46 RIBs have expressed an interest to attend as at 10th April 2011


Local information

It is hoped the event will bring tourists to the area. The sea is a major asset. We are aware those attending are seeking accommodation in the area. We hope it will encourage people to holiday on Seil and Easdale.


Fri 29th April—we are expecting boats to arrive by road from around noon.

Some boats will leave pm Sun 1st, others Mon 2nd May.


The following have been informed of the event and offered to comment

Seil and Easdale CC, Eilean Eisdeal, EIRPOA, Easdale and Cuan Ferrymen, Argyll and Bute Council, Strathclyde Police, MCGA, RNLI.


Iain McFadyen (A&B Ferries) has spoken with the ferrymen, there are no concerns.

Bill Weston (A&B Roads) has agreed that cars and trailers may use the car park free of charge  and trailers may be parked detached from their vehicles.


We recognise any event however managed causes local disruption.

We hope this will be minimal.

7 Responses to “Rib Rendezvous Update”

  • Tim Flinn:

    The harbour dues from these RIBs will help fund harbour repairs, no?

  • henry:

    Why not? Or do we have to wait for yet another handout from the public purse before any progress can be made. I do recall that Tony Hill made an offer to rebuild the fallen down harbour wall, but Mr Mackenzie didn’t like the idea. I wonder why.

  • Tina:

    “Eilean Eisdeal Trust, the owners of the community harbour, have offered free overnight berthing within the harbour throughout the event.” (Rib Rendezvous website)

  • Let’s hope it’s a great success and that everyone enjoys the weekend.

    • Mike Jones:

      I totally agree – it is good to see somebody doing something constructive to counter the decline in the number of tourist visitors to the island.

  • liz rhodes:

    The Rib Rendezous sounds as though it will be a great event for the area as well as Easdale, congratulations to Tony and the crew for its organization. I hope it is a great success.
    The free overnight berthing offered by Eilean Easdale, is a good move in my opinion it is welcoming, hospitable and a wonderful opportunity to capture the obvious spinoff via this hospitality being extended to a full and competitive agenda of services offered in the community hall. Eilean Easdale could recoupe the losses (and offset the inconvenience to the residents), and prove that it is up to the challenge.
    It could be open from first light with wake up coffee ,tea and toilet facilities going through Full Scottish breakfasts, morning tempters, luscious lunches, afternoon chillouts, delicious dinners, along with an all day bar for those land lovers that like a tipple and are there for the spectacle. It could provide a great central rendezous spot with no pressure, and good wash facilities. This would boost the poor image of Eilean Easdale has built for its self as a grabbing organization with only the business interests of the directors at heart.
    I am aware that there is a conflict of interest between the the running of the Community Hall and the running of the island pub (owned by an E.E. director), but in this instance the income to the community hall should take preference over the private income and self interest of the directors.
    It is Eilean Easdale that is providing the free berthing, and that organization needs cash to repair the harbour walls and insulate the building, it is fully equipped to deal with, and has been renovated for this type of event and is a wonderful opportunity for them to earn some money off their own back (and some credibility and respect) instead of offering the usual begging bowl that is paraded to every charitable organization.

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