A vision of things to come?

Easdale's Harbour Master chases off an unwanted island boat-owner.

(Picture submitted by Angus.)

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  • Tim Flinn:

    A Fly Tip?

    It’s hard enough getting holiday lets without the ones that do come complaining that increasingly Easdale could be mistaken for a fly-tipping site or Travellers’ camping ground.

    I am now told that public spaces are being ruined by the eyesores of apparently abandoned machinery and other bits of junk including abandoned boats, heaps of building waste; and paths rutted and ruined, and even blocked, by heavy equipment.

    Is this way to treat Easdale and Easdalers? It’s costing business, too.

    Perhaps some concerned islanders should take a few photographs and then contact the local authority to check if permission has been granted for this unsightly change-of-use?

  • Yorkshire Terrier:

    Tim Flyn’s comments strike a poignant cord in my memory I have been visiting Easdale island for the past nine years and have noticed a huge decline in the quality of the environment there. When I first visited I was intrigued by the very small paths that wound their way around the island a mere wheelbarrow wide , now I see these paths have expanded to the width of a single track road with huge ruts in them made presumably by the numerous unfiesably large building machines which now litter and dominate the character of the island to the detriment of both residents and visitors alike. I fully realise that because I visit roughly once a year I will notice any changes perhaps more acutely than perhaps the long term residents will, but I have to say that the unique quality of the island is being seriously challenged and although I am enchanted by the wonderful garden at the ferry shed and in particular by the aviary with so much colour and chattering life, I am saddened by the monsterous imposition of the huge and extremely silly Pirate Ship in such a rural idyl, it would be more in keeping in an urban deprived area or Disney Land.
    Saddly the attraction of the island is failing fast and it is increasingly less attractive to visit .

    I do hope that islanders will wake up to what appears to be wanton destruction and begin to reverse this deplorable decline.

    Here in Yorkshire the problem was a greedy developer I’m not sure what the situation is up there but the picture is very similar.

  • Tim Flinn:

    I was on Easdale today (Sat 16th April) to cut grass. Two surprises: I met and shook hands with Mr Mackenzie, and, having seen the name and picture of the harbour master, I now see why the harbour cutter is called Greyfriar. A memorable visit.

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