Sunset from Easdale Island 7-2-15

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  • The Time Fiddler:

    The colours in the sunset – are they real?
    Very beautiful indeed! But I arrived a day or two late to see it! My week was spent indoors, mostly out of the wind and rain laying slate tiles that were made in India! What a mad world we live in! but I did venture out occasionally for a break when the weather eased to scramble along the shore. It was an opportunity for introspection and reflection, while at the same time our world leaders were congregated somewhere to `influence` the future of mankind and `do something` to slow down the rising seas around this rock that I was now sat on. Out there just between that sunset and the Garvellachs was a shipwreck that I was responsible for. As nuclear submarines began to avoid this wreck; the largest reported man made structure ever discovered, their commanders may be a little puzzled why they are unable to locate its whereabouts. Even when using sophisticated sonar arrays, together with specialized operational charts containing every reported sonar contact, wreck or obstruction known, they will fail to find it. But there it is marked on the Hydro graphic Departments database, covering an area of over 500 meters and taller than the Titanic, it appears but is no longer there! Wreck HH226/351/01 “Commercial In Confidence” seems to have disappeared!

    It was just beyond the Garvellachs, a while back now, I saw it for the first time and it has remained with me ever since. While sitting on those rocks, I recalled the time I lowered a weighted bottle over the side of the ships boat to recreate a phenomenon that an old fisherman reported took place during the war. I forget what was supposed to happen now but that is the thing with a lie; You have to have a good memory and mine is fading fast! While serving in the Royal Navy, we were apparently sent to sea in dramatic fashion to conduct a scientific experiment. The television programme was screened while I was on leave and I witnessed myself lowering the bottle and bringing back from the depths. The thing was, what was seen to take place did not take place and I proved to be an innocent participant to the event that fooled the public albeit in an entertaining way but all in the name of science.
    So I left the Royal Navy but that experience started something that resulted in that shipwreck beyond the Garvellachs. And in some strange way is why I ended up sat on this rock on Easdale and became an artist. How 18 feet of matchwood, hardboard and plaster came to be assembled to produce ” a ship that sailed no earthly ocean” has only been revealed to me the creator, by those who visited my exhibitions.
    Only after a red faced Martin Dean who was then Head of The Archaeological Diving Unit at the University of St. Andrews and his team left my exhibition, did I fully realize how easy it was to distort the facts to create anything you want really. If I could do it what could governments with all their resources do?

    So as the waters rise to inundate us and our `leaders` shake hands with each other in a bid to reassure us all, that they can save the world, I dismiss their paid experts preferring to gaze at the beautiful sunset inside my crystal ball. Looking at the hardened sediments around this place, reassures me anyway, I will only be around for the time it takes to produce just a few millimeters of this rock called slate. At least that is real as are those colours in the sunset even if science now tells us that colour does not really exist!

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