Open letter from Jonathan Feigenbaum

Jonathan Feigenbaum, Easdale Island’s owner, has requested us to post the following open letter to all residents and property owners:


16 September 2012



It is with deep regret that I am taking this opportunity to write to everyone with an interest in Easdale Island, concerning the forthcoming planned World Stone Skimming Championships, which were meant to take place on 23 September 2012.

Contact was made with Eilean Eisdeal and Keren Cafferty in her capacity as Chair back in April, this was plenty of notice to resolve the issues Easdale Island Company Limited had with this event being staged on its land.

The most important issue was adequate Public Liability Insurance cover that protected all parties including Easdale Island Company Limited, as it was its land being used. This request was ignored until 6 September 2012 when Keren Cafferty sent our Solicitor an email saying they are “fully insured” but the insurance “document is not public, and we decline to exhibit it to Mr Feigenbaum”.

Furthermore, Easdale Island Company Ltd asked for a nominal fee to be paid for use of the land over the Stone Skimming Event, this was a nominal amount in relation to the proceeds raised by Eilean Eisdeal and the various commercial businesses on the Island that gain from the Event. It was made clear that any revenue generated would be used to generally improve the Island, again this request was refused. The offer of leasing the area used in the Stone Skimming event was also offered by Easdale Island Company, therefore securing this event for Eilean Eisdeal for the future, again this was ignored.

It was with a heavy heart but as you can see I had no real choice to make it clear to Eilean Eisdeal and its Directors that permission to use any company land or asset has been refused for any organisation, individual or group of individuals, for the purpose of conducting any stone skimming or indeed any event. Should it be that the event does indeed take place and unauthorised use is made of Easdale Island Company Limited land or assets then those responsible will face the legal consequences of such conduct.

Easdale Island Company Limited has always tried to support the endeavours of all the Islanders and various interest groups, and I believe this is the first ever time that we have had to take such action. This action was unavoidable due to the general mismanagement of this event by Eilean Eisdeal.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonathan Feigenbaum

For Easdale Island Company Limited


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  • Newsroom:

    The EasdaleIsland e-mail address above is not working for some reason. Mr. Feigenbaum has therefore sent us an alternative address, should anyone wish to contact him:

  • name withheld:

    i am really shocked to hear that mr feigenbum is wanting to charge locals for the use of his land ,he has seen an opportunity and decided to make money on it ,shame on you ,you have just shown the world what kind of person you really are ,let the locals have their fun for free

    • Verum Vulnero:

      Mr. Feigenbaum states quite clearly in his open letter “It was made clear that any revenue generated would be used to generally improve the Island”. This does not sound like an opportunity to make money, especially if the said money is going to be spent on improvements to the island.

  • Bob:

    “Should it be that the event does indeed take place and unauthorised use is made of Easdale Island Company Limited land or assets then those responsible will face the legal consequences of such conduct”

    Well, that’s a bit wooly. Does that mean he will sue in court if the skimming were to go ahead, or that he expects the police to descend and arrest everyone? Neither is likely.

    Almost certainly the letter is just a means of distancing himself from the activity so that in the event of any mishap he cannot be sued. Skim and be damned I say.

    • Concerned Resident:

      If the event does go ahead without the necessary permission then it is quite clear that there will be court proceedings against EE, they have been warned.

  • Andrew:

    It seems that Mr Feigenbaum has valid concerns and has made reasonable requests. His grammar and punctuation however are appalling.

    I once achieved 19 bounces of a pebble on Loch Lomond.

  • Allan Sayers:

    Great publicity for the event. What a sad man Jonathan sounds to be.

    My friend jorg will be devastated if the event is cancelled. He goes every year

  • Newsroom:

    There is more discussion of this topic on ForArgyll HERE

  • Committed Team:

    19 Bounces is great Andrew but will not help you in this event I’m afraid….it goes on distance with a minimum of 3 skips!
    Mr Fe[edited]m…My friends and I come to this event every year and make a rather mammoth trip to be there too.
    Last year my friends and I all had vivisection and it is the one weekend in our pitiful lives that we have to look forward to and it is in danger of being cancelled. Should this happen we plan to be there anyway and chuck a few pebbles in then run away. ok?

  • Tina:

    What a shame that most of the posts here seem to be only from those who travel to the event. This supports the view that activities organised by EE are not for the benefit of islanders or the island; complaints are only about the fun for visitors being stopped. Why don’t visitors recognise the dis-benefits to islanders and the lack of investment from the money made for the island? Does anyone know where it goes? Would EE say?

  • jeb:

    both parties are coming across as petty minded idiots ruining a charitable event. sort it out

  • Martin Douglas:

    Has anybody suggested to Mr Feigenbaum that the World Stone Skimming Championships are actually providing a tangible benefit to him? If you are allowed to keep chucking stones into his quarry he will eventually have an extra couple of acres of useable land on Easdale.

    A concerned (non-competing) tosser.

  • Carol:

    The only reason we have been coming is to support the island and it’s people. I started coming because the money was to fund the build of the community hall. Is this not the case??

    • Tina:

      Very few islanders use the hall and it is closed most of the time. Although the charity also runs a museum, used mostly by visitors, as far as I am aware, none of the money made from the Stone Skimming event has ever been used for the direct benefit of islanders or the island. It would be interesting to hear from the charity’s directors exactly what benefit they think they have provided to the community.

      What happened to the money that they were awarded from the Green Streets competition? And who benefited?

  • jim bean:

    Mr Feiganbaum’s letter seems eminently reasonable. He quite obviously has the interests of the island and it’s residents foremost in his mind, and has stated that any revenue he might receive from the use of his land would be used generally to improve Easdale Island, to the benefit of both residents and visitors. This is in stark contrast to the intransigent and arrogant response he has apparantly received from Eileen Eisdeal directors and their Chair Keren Cafferty, who seem hell bent on ignoring the land owner and making as much money as they can from the use of his land.

    The stone skimming championship being a prime example, Keren Cafferty the Chair of Eileen Eisdeal has apparantly audaciously refused to disclose evidence of any insurance for the event to the island owner, or any one else for that matter. Why is it a secret Keren? But then any question always seems to attract the same answer. Eileen Eisdeal’s claim to put money back in the community is a joke, unless it is a grant from the public purse, ask any islander as long as their name is not Mackenzie or Melville.

    The hall which E,E use as a hub for fund raising and charges handsomely for entry to one and all for any events it chooses to put on is locked on a daily basis and therefore excludes both residents and visitors from entry. Some Community Hall EH!!!!! The monies accrured from the music hall are swelled with monies from what used to be called “The Regatta” but is now renamed “Atlantic Fun Day” the change of name seems to have coincided with a new policy of non disclosure of how much the event made.Presumably it makes it more difficult for people to estimate how much money they have aquired for their coffers!
    Now lastly but not least E,E, make around £5,000 from the Stone Skimming possibly excluding the bar takings, quite a lot. But the Community would be hard pressed to identify any benefit whatsoever for Easdale Island, it’s residents or the Community in general. How is this acummulated money spent? Some think it is spent on Q.Cs, others think it is spent on Architects and still more think it is spent on Planning advisors.
    But Islanders are concened, just what is it spent on?????

  • Lizzie Myles:

    Mr Feiganbaum has a heavy heart. It looks to me that he would rather have a heavy wallet and wants to cash in. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked for backpayment with interest.

    This is just sheer greed.

    • Newsroom:

      Lizzie, you and some others are missing the point. The money wouldn’t be going into Mr. Feigenbaum’s wallet. He clearly states that it would be used “to generally improve the Island”.

  • Tina:

    And Lizzie also seems to miss the point by not recognising that money made at the event by Keren Cafferty will appear to be going into her ‘heavy wallet’ because, unlike Mr Feigenbaum, she has not stated otherwise. Double standards?

  • Newsroom:

    HERE’S the link to the latest update on the ForArgyll website.

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