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Yesterday evening, while enjoying a refreshing libation in the cool shade of the T’n’T garden, the Twitcher family were privileged to witness at close quarters the kind of event you normally only see on tv wildlife programmes.

A pale-coloured moth fluttered by at a height of about 60cms above ground, hotly pursued at the same height by a small speckly bird. Snap! The moth was gone!

Having ingested its prey, the small speckly bird swooped down to perch on a bench (looking smug, we thought) and revealed itself to be a slightly scruffy, very round young robin.

 Its black beady eyes were darting everywhere and it soon spotted some crumbs on the ground. We kept very still and it hopped about without fear only a few centimetres from our feet, pecking avidly until every last crumb was gone. Finally it flew up onto our table to take a last check for any edibles, and when it darted away into the bushes we felt quite bereft.

Only a small thing, but quite heart-stopping.

Connel Bridge

You’ll no doubt have seen the “Flashback” photo in last week’s Oban Times (11th July) showing traffic passing over the Connel Bridge after the railway line was closed in 1966, as well as the letters in this week’s Oban Times (18th July) relating some history of the joint use of the bridge by vehicles as well as trains since 1914.

The Scottish Screen Archive has some (slightly scary!) footage from the early 1960s which shows the “gatekeeper” collecting tolls from vehicles, and changing points to allow trains on the line. You can view the short clip by clicking HERE. Click on the diagonal arrows at the bottom right of the small screen to enlarge it to full screen.

BIG lorry! BIG train!