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The saga goes on …

For the avoidance of doubt, the photo below states where all the white goods came from in the first place:

But …  instead of Eilean Eisdeal directors (the owners of “The Mess”) being shamed by Willie’s example, and deciding to take responsibility and load the goods  themselves into their Landrover truck or 4×4 and take everything to Moleigh, one of them chose to scrawl what’s shown in the photo below:

Why? Trying to transfer the blame onto Willie by publicly naming him as the culprit – and, by inference, implicating the Council – is not only untrue, it’s downright malicious. Council officers are aware of the perpetrator of this childishly vindictive act, and are considering what action to take.

Meanwhile, Tony Seafari, having noted visitors’ reactions to “The Mess”, moved it out of the way and covered it up. 

Now, as he said he would, Willie has taken the items to Moleigh – where their owners should have taken them in the first place. 

Will Willie’s truly community-spirited act be the end of this sorry saga?

Probably not!

We still await Eilean Eisdeal’s apparently impending application for a change of use of the Rush & Gush to a waste storage area. It is their determination to achieve this that is at the root of the problem. Island residents are thoroughly fed of up Eilean Eisdeal, and Mitchell Joinery & Building, dumping their rubbish on community land deliberately to create a problem that Eilean Eisdeal can then claim to be working to “solve” with the change of use.

Why are they so determined?

Here’s the scenario as we see it. A change of use would mean the classification status of the Rush & Gush land would be changed from “Conservation” to “Brown land”, thereby officially permitting the continued dumping of assorted garbage and opening up the possibility for Eilean Eisdeal to apply for permission to build their bunkhouse/hostel (without kitchen of course, as Keren insists).

Who would benefit? Not the island residents, who have already said they do not want such development on the island.

Yes! The only possible beneficiary would be the Puffer Bar and its Eilean Eisdeal director owner.