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A turbine, a hostel, some workshops a-and housing …

… to be sung to the tune of “The Bonny Ash Grove”.

Here we go again. The EP Newsroom hacks have received some documents containing information of which fellow islanders need to be made aware.

From these documents it emerges that Eilean Eisdeal have engaged a Planning Consultant, Suzanne McIntosh (paid for out of charitable funds?) to press Argyll & Bute planners to amend the Local Development Plan (LDP) to accommodate their desire for development on the island, based on their “Masterplan”.

“What Masterplan??” we hear you ask.

Well, apparently, Eilean Eisdeal are “undertaking a Masterplanning exercise with the island’s community”.

Oh really?

To our knowledge (and we’ve been here a good while), the so-called “Masterplan” was dreamed up by Mike MacKenzie when he was an EE director, and is based solely on an informal questionnaire done in 1997, before EE was formally constituted. Yes … 1997 … 15 years ago. There remains a very small core of residents from that time, but since then more than 100 people have come – lived hre for a while – and gone. NOT any sort of a “mandate” for a “Masterplan”, then.

As regards any sort of “Masterplanning exercise”, we recall perhaps three meetings where those persent were TOLD what was going to happen.

Remember the meeting where the Dualchas architect lady had been sacked, and the discussion was “facilitated” by the aggressive John Campbell QC?

Remember Jim Mather’s barmy “mind-mapping” exercise, headed up by Mellon? Whatever happened to that?

Remember the meeting where the new and innocent architect Waseem presented us with hostel schemes? Did we want a big one, a medium sized one or a small one? NOT did we actually want a hostel at all??

Anyway, to cut to the chase, CLICK HERE to view the notes of EE’s and their Planning Consultant’s meeting with Argyll &  Bute Council planning officers. Not an easy read because of all the abbreviations, but please follow it through, focussing on the keywords in the title of this post.

And CLICK HERE to see how EE’s Planning Consultant is attempting to manipulate the Local Plan.

The documents you see here were apparently obtained under a Freedom of Information request.

Question. If Eilean Eisdeal purports to be acting on behalf of islanders, why is it that islanders can only find out what they’re up to invoking Freedom of Information?