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Open letter from Jonathan Feigenbaum

Jonathan Feigenbaum, Easdale Island’s owner, has requested us to post the following open letter to all residents and property owners:


16 September 2012



It is with deep regret that I am taking this opportunity to write to everyone with an interest in Easdale Island, concerning the forthcoming planned World Stone Skimming Championships, which were meant to take place on 23 September 2012.

Contact was made with Eilean Eisdeal and Keren Cafferty in her capacity as Chair back in April, this was plenty of notice to resolve the issues Easdale Island Company Limited had with this event being staged on its land.

The most important issue was adequate Public Liability Insurance cover that protected all parties including Easdale Island Company Limited, as it was its land being used. This request was ignored until 6 September 2012 when Keren Cafferty sent our Solicitor an email saying they are “fully insured” but the insurance “document is not public, and we decline to exhibit it to Mr Feigenbaum”.

Furthermore, Easdale Island Company Ltd asked for a nominal fee to be paid for use of the land over the Stone Skimming Event, this was a nominal amount in relation to the proceeds raised by Eilean Eisdeal and the various commercial businesses on the Island that gain from the Event. It was made clear that any revenue generated would be used to generally improve the Island, again this request was refused. The offer of leasing the area used in the Stone Skimming event was also offered by Easdale Island Company, therefore securing this event for Eilean Eisdeal for the future, again this was ignored.

It was with a heavy heart but as you can see I had no real choice to make it clear to Eilean Eisdeal and its Directors that permission to use any company land or asset has been refused for any organisation, individual or group of individuals, for the purpose of conducting any stone skimming or indeed any event. Should it be that the event does indeed take place and unauthorised use is made of Easdale Island Company Limited land or assets then those responsible will face the legal consequences of such conduct.

Easdale Island Company Limited has always tried to support the endeavours of all the Islanders and various interest groups, and I believe this is the first ever time that we have had to take such action. This action was unavoidable due to the general mismanagement of this event by Eilean Eisdeal.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonathan Feigenbaum

For Easdale Island Company Limited