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Royal Mail

I have been an avid reader of Easdale People for quite some time now, and have enjoyed reading the comments of persons intimately involved in local issues which affect the island’s future.

What occurs to me is that the future of Easdale Island is now affected by national issues. I refer of course to the SNP’s bid for an Independent Scotland in 2014.

I have a thought which may be of interest to EP readers. It is simply this. If independence is declared, what will happen to the Royal Mail?

Will all the little red vans be driven south of the border or, if this option is considered too extreme, will the new Scottish Government be required to purchase this considerable fleet of vehicles from the English and have them re-sprayed blue, with a white Saltire upon them? Who would pay for all this work? What effect might it have on the price of a postage stamp from Scotland??

Just a thought. What do others think?

Heard on the path

A group of elderly lady tourists were wandering around the head of the harbour recently, looking at the wee slate outhouses. They gathered at the one opposite Margaret’s house and debated about what these outhouses were for. “I know!” said one lady authoritatively. “They were air raid shelters!” Nods of agreement all round.

Cue “Dam Busters March” – Daaaah daah de dee daahde dah de daaaah – as the Luftwaffe strafe Easdale Island to destroy its valuable deposits of slate, and our heroic boys in Spitfires and Mosquitoes engage them in dogfights overhead. The night sky over Easdale is lit by tracer fire. Destroyed German airplanes plunge flaming into the Sound.

Meanwhile, the terrified residents of Easdale Island are huddled safe in their air raid shelters with their lamps, flasks of tea, sandwiches and packs of cards.

Aye, right!

Not the Easdale Book Club

We hope not, anyway!

Reproduced from Private Eye No. 1316.

Ian McNaughton

We are sad to record the death of Ian McNaughton, former resident and island ferryman. His funeral is to take place tomorrow (Wednesday 4th July) at 1.15pm at Cardross Crematorium, Cardross, near Helensburgh.

Parliamo Glasgow

This might not be exactly “local” to Easdale, but let’s not be parochial, because we do have some Weegies (as well as Edimboogers) in our midst!

In today’s (2nd July) Scotsman there was a mind-numbingly boring article about research by the University of Glasgow which indicated that one in three people from Greater London don’t understand the Glaswegian accent. Well, no surprises there then. (And this research was presumably paid for by us, the taxpayers? But let’s not go there …)

However, in order to make its point, the article referred back to Stanley Baxter’s 1960s BBC series “Parliamo Glasgow” where he, as an erudite professor, was attempting to teach non-Glaswegian-speakers the nuances of the language – in the style of the tv programme of similar date “Parliamo Italiano”.

So, here’s the fun, with some “Parliamo Glasgow” phrases for you to translate for homework.

 At the market: ZarramarranonnabarraClara?

At the disco: Jiwanni donce?

At the pub: Jiwanni getmibevvid?

Greeting in the street: Sanoffy caul day.

Weather talk: Errarainoanuscummindooninbuckits!

This has resonances with some locals of Yorkshire descent, remembering cries from children playing out in the early evening who were called away by their mums:


Answers – and any other neat dialect phrases – on a postcard please …