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Chariots of Fire

Keith and Tina were in Edinburgh on 17th April to watch Calum do his 26km sponsored run for Cancer Research, and sent in this action photo:

Calum secured promises of around £700 in sponsorship, doubling his ‘target’ figure.

Tina says: “Even tho’ Calum injured his knee during the course he continued and finished the run.  He did Easdale proud.  A big well done and congratulations on collecting so much money for the charity.  Let’s hope he receives every penny that folk had promised – he deserves it.”

Recordings of William Dewar, Easdale

If anyone can help with the query below, please add your information as a comment, or e-mail the Editorial Team. Alternatively, Fiona can be contacted via the TOBAR AN DUALCHAIS WEBSITE.

Dear editorial team,

I’m writing from the Tobar an Dualchais project based at the Gaelic College on Skye.

The aim of the project is to digitise and make available online thousands of hours of sound recording from throughout Scotland. The sound recordings are being provided by the BBC, School of Scottish Studies and the National Trust for Scotland. The recordings are in Gaelic, Scots and English.

We have some recordings of a William Dewar from Easdale. These recordings were made by the School of Scottish Studies in 1958. We also have recording from 1970 of William. Before we can make these recordings available online we need permission from his next of kin. The information we have about him is:
He was born on Easdale and lived there to age 15.

Moved to Clachan at 15.

Spent 35 years in Lowlands before returning (doesn’t say where to, but appears to be somewhere in the Firth of Lorn vicinity, I think it may be Seil).

Both grandmothers were MacLeans, one called Mary.

His brother, Donald Dewar, was a chemist in Portree.

In 1970 he was c.90 and living in Ellenbeich.

I would be grateful for any help you can give me in tracing family members.

Kind regards
Fiona MacKinnon

Electricity not off

You may have had one of these through your door about ten days ago:


You will have noticed that the electricity did not go off. Some aware and concerned residents raised questions with the Hydro Board about the proposed cut. The Hydro Board were dumbfounded. They knew nothing about it and, after pursuing enquiries with Eilean Eisdeal, their engineers were not pleased to learn that some firm from England had been engaged to install the monitoring gizmo onto Hydro Board equipment, interfering with the Hydro Board’s transformer in the process. Apparently Centrica/Scottish/British Gas (probably our friend Jack Welch?) had called in SCL Electricals all the way from Northampton to do the deed.

 How arrogant and how cheeky can you get??

 Centrica and Eilean Eisdeal keep claiming they have the support of islanders, conveniently ignoring not only all the objectors to the planning applications, but also the letter signed by 28 islanders some 9 months ago. To remind everybody, this said that:

 “We, the undersigned, have no confidence that Eilean Eisdeal are acting in the best interests of Easdale Island itself, or of the islanders that they claim to represent. We believe that they are driving their own agenda forward, rather than being led by the wishes and aspirations of all islanders”, and called upon Eilean Eisdeal to cancel all projects until they could demonstrate that they were behaving democratically.

 Well, that fell on deaf ears, didn’t it?

 The directors continue to plough their own furrow regardless, and more often than not without islanders’ knowledge. They don’t want to be democratic, they don’t want to listen to islanders. It’s time for them to go.

Walton Electrical v Mike Mackenzie builders

The case was due to continue on last  Tuesday, however Mike Mackenzie was absent from court and sent along a solicitor to argue that his presence was needed in Edinburgh at pre-induction meeting ahead of being sworn in at Holyrood on Wednesday. Sheriff Douglas Small was displeased to say the least, and ordered Mike Mackenzie personally to pay the whole day’s costs ahead of the next hearing. Walton Electrical is sueing Mackenzie builders for £4,087.80 plus huge legal costs for non-payment of work carried out to new cottages on Easdale island.

The case is set to continue at the start of July.

Rib Rendezvous – feedback please

A request from Sea-fari (please respond direct to them):

Easdale RIB Rendezvous

 Thanks to all who supported the event  We apologise for any disruption but we hope this was kept at a minimum. As we wrap up the file we are seeking feedback both from those who came to visit but more importantly from the local community who may have been affected positively or negatively by the event.

E mail

We intend to close the files within 10 days.

 Tony 02/05/11

No consolation

A small item in last week’s Oban Times gives more than a suggestion that another planning application for a wind turbine might be in the offing:

(Did you spot the uncannily apt Oban Times typo in para 5??)

A lasting memento

Now you can have a lasting, and personal, memento of The Big Day when Wills and Kate tied the knot. Yes … you can …

“Knit Your Own Royal Wedding”!!

The figures are, eerily, very readily identifiable. The Duke of Ed is a particular favourite in the Easdale People Newsroom – not to mention the Royal Corgis. Of course, now you’ve seen The Dress and all the other paraphernalia you can easily be creative and replicate the real thing. Make up an extra figure, knit a copy of your own favourite outfit (and hat), and you too can be present in Westminster Abbey.

At just £3.99 from THE BOOK PEOPLE it has to be worth it for the giggle!