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Hugh’s photographs

Hugh Lorimer, who used to holiday here as a boy (and still does) has shared some wonderful photos for publication. He used to visit his granny Mary Mackay Millar, great aunt Maggie Mackay, great uncle Peter Mackay, his Millar aunties, and Dewar and Campbell cousins.

Here are a couple for starters.

Hugh watching Big Donald Dewar dressing slates by hand. 1949.

Hugh and his sister Mary in the doorway of great aunt Maggie's house in about 1950. The house was then numbered 57, but is now No. 22.

Easdale moves into the 21st century

(Cartoon submitted by Angus.)

A meal in itself

Cheese and Oat Loaf

¾ tsp fast action dried yeast

400g / 14oz strong white flour

15g / ½ oz butter

1 tsp sugar

1 x Willie’s white egg

100g / 4oz porridge oats

100g / 4oz mature Cheddar cheese, grated

40g / 1½ oz Parmesan cheese, finely grated

1tsp mustard powder

330ml water

Put all the ingredients in the bread pan in the order specified by your bread machine.

Bake on wholewheat setting, medium crust.

The wholewheat setting takes a long time, but allows the bread to rise so that it’s beautifully light. The smell of the baking loaf will make your stomach growl, but try to stop yourself cutting it the minute it’s done, because it won’t slice properly and will end up soggy.

Toasted and spread with butter and Marmite, a slice of this loaf is a meal in itself.

Decisions, decisions

At its meeting yesterday (20th April) the Planning, Protective Services & Licensing Committee confirmed the planners’ recommendations as follows:

Application no. 10/01729/PP : Installation of air source heat pump and 14 solar pv panels, Easdale Island Hall – APPROVED subject to conditions.

Application no. 10/02000/PP : Erection of 6 kw wind turbine, Easdale Island – REFUSED.

Hard work

Another short film from the British Pathé archive, this time showing men working in the slate quarry at Cullipool in 1938. Slate quarrying continued on Luing until the 1960s.

Click HERE to view the film, and get an insight into what Easdale was like in earlier times.

Court case

Walton Electrical v Mackenzie builders Ltd

This case continued last Monday, 11th April, your EP team were there to cover the story, there was a full day of proceedings and the case will continue on May 10th.

Rib Rendezvous Update

Seafari have  sent the following update on the RIB Rendezvous weekend:

Colonsay, Garvellachs, Corryvreckan

RIBs of all sizes attending & cruising in company


46 RIBs have expressed an interest to attend as at 10th April 2011


Local information

It is hoped the event will bring tourists to the area. The sea is a major asset. We are aware those attending are seeking accommodation in the area. We hope it will encourage people to holiday on Seil and Easdale.


Fri 29th April—we are expecting boats to arrive by road from around noon.

Some boats will leave pm Sun 1st, others Mon 2nd May.


The following have been informed of the event and offered to comment

Seil and Easdale CC, Eilean Eisdeal, EIRPOA, Easdale and Cuan Ferrymen, Argyll and Bute Council, Strathclyde Police, MCGA, RNLI.


Iain McFadyen (A&B Ferries) has spoken with the ferrymen, there are no concerns.

Bill Weston (A&B Roads) has agreed that cars and trailers may use the car park free of charge  and trailers may be parked detached from their vehicles.


We recognise any event however managed causes local disruption.

We hope this will be minimal.

A vision of things to come?

Easdale's Harbour Master chases off an unwanted island boat-owner.

(Picture submitted by Angus.)