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Lunar Eclipse

With the clear skies and dark nights, now is a great time to do a little star gazing. The star charts below show the skies from Easdale over the next month and include the visible planets as well as the major constellations that will be visible.
Lunar Exclipse:
There is even more reason to get looking up, as there will be a total eclipse of the moon on December 21st (Tuesday morning) which will be visible low in the sky early in the morning. 
John Mason, from the British Astronomical Association, said: “Observers should go out at about 6.30am when, if the sky is clear, the Moon will be visible in the western sky, and they will be able to watch as more and more of the southern part of the Moon becomes immersed in the Earth’s shadow.”
“They can continue watching until the eclipse becomes total at 7.40am, and hopefully for a little while after this time, if they have an unobstructed western horizon.”
Dr Mason added: “For observers in the British Isles, the very low elevation of the Moon during the total phase means that it is not possible to predict just how dark the Moon will be when it is eclipsed, or what colour it will appear. One will just have to go out and have a look.”
Not just stars!:
It is possible to spot satellites on any clear night, but there are also times when you can see the International Space Station. Viewing depends on whether the space station is in the shadow of the earth, or being lit up by the sun. The next time that it will be visible is on Tuesday 28th December when it will be lit up for just a few minutes around 7:30pm. Looking south, it will appear about 10 degrees above the horizon, moving from west to east. Keep yours eyes peeled just below Jupiter, and you may catch a glimpse of it!
If you would like more information or ideas then have a look at and enter the lat and long 56.2924°N, 5.6575°W to get tailored star charts for Easdale Island.

Free Energy Advice

Free energy advice with NO strings attached.

Home Energy Scotland are offering free energy advice on how to power down your home, save money on energy bills, even in this cold snap and … wait for it … in some people’s cases free insulation. Grants are available of £4,000 towards up grading your boiler system or having new or replacement central heating installed. This scheme is here to tell you how you can insulate your home, not how you can’t, even with the historic cottages we live in on Easdale, and you don’t have to switch energy suppliers either.

Home Energy Scotland are running this project in conjunction with

The Energy Saving trust:        Natural Scotland:        Argyll and Bute Council:

Community power down:

Home Energy Scotland can be contacted on 0800 512 012

Stolen Sea Kayak

I know this is the silly panto season……but…..when your sea kayak just vanishes into thin air without trace, on such a small island, you know someone has an agenda. It was on the 1st of December, 12:15pm, I was going off island when I noticed she was not to be seen on the pontoon, I was not too troubled as being such a small island I thought she couldn’t have gone far. Later that day three resident islanders looked extensively around the harbour, in the quarries, in the community hall, [had to unlock it first of course, as it’s not open to us ordinary residents, only Eilean Eisdeal directors and the resident island builder] but to no avail, so boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen where oh where could Julian’s sea kayak be. And why had someone stolen it or pushed her out to sea, as that was the train of thought the police and coastguard were pursuing.

Well, darkness fell and a long night was in store for sea kayak Explorer. [scenery change]  Oh dear, we’re still on the same island and day break  was upon us and the same three jolly islanders have another good look in all same places as yesterday….and a few more and still no sign of sea kayak Explorer…..I think you’re getting the picture now but to cut this panto short, PC Jeremy Moore was now doing some real investigating and as if by magic she appeared by the bins in the grass…..oh, and of course, after dark, when all was quiet and no chance of someone being seen. So it all has a happy ending…..for now….or until the next time.

Seriously folks, this is a real crime and Oban police are still investigating, so if you have any ideas or you know who was involved and especially where an 18 ft sea kayak could’ve been kept on the island, PC Jeremy Moore can be contacted on 01631 510500.

Application for advertisement consent

Application no. 10/0214/ADV

Applicant: Eilean Eisdeal

Description: Erection of illuminated free standing signboard

Location: Easdale Island Community Hall

Status: Approved, subject to the condition that the signboard is not illuminated. The consent runs for 5 years 6 months from the date of approval (3rd February 2011).

Listed Building application

Application no. 10/02013/LIB

Applicant: Eilean Eisdeal

Description: Installation of Solar PV Panels and Air Source Heat Pump

Location: Easdale Island Community Hall

Status: Pending. Representations accepted until the end of January 2011.

Second Wind Turbine application

Application no. 10/02000/PP

Applicant: Eilean Eisdeal

Description: Erection of 6kw wind turbine with 15m hub and 17.75 tip height.

Location: Land south-east of Easdale Island Museum. (So it says on the application form, but to us it looks as though the proposed site would be better described as “land south-west of No. 101″).

Status: Pending. Representations accepted until end of January 2011.

Luing primary school saved

Congratulations to everyone involved in the campaign on Luing to save the school from closure. It was great to see the entire community get behind a single cause that would have had serious implications for the whole island and beyond. Spending cuts imposed on Argyll and Bute council by the SNP lead government will mean swathing cuts in public services across the region, leading to school closures. For Luing school this would have meant amalgamation with Easdale primary school and for some children on Luing a journey to and from school of more than 45 minutes. Having spoken with parents on the island they also had big concerns about after school activities during the winter months when the car ferry is not running:  “The logistics of transporting parents and children to Easdale involving cars on both sides of Cuan Sound would be a nightmare”.

This now leaves the head teacher Stephen Glen Lee with some big decisions to make. With the school now saved, will his loyalties stay with the school, its children and parents, or will he seek greater rewards elsewhere?

Table Tennis Club


The all new Easdale Island table tennis club  Tuesday Night’s 730pm to 930pm

All Welcome

Watch This Space for more info