Diary Dates

RNLI Boat Jumble

The Mid-Argyll Fund-Raising Branch of the RNLI is soon to hold its second boat jumble at the North Hall, Ardrishaig on Saturday 21st April from 11am to 2pm.  The first, two years ago, was a resounding success and they hope to repeat this success.  Admission is £2 per person, which also covers soup and a roll.  They are still looking for donations of unwanted surplus marine equipment, including books and charts, to sell on the day.  They can collect, so don’t hesitate to contact them at rnlimidargyll@hotmail.co.uk , 01546 600160 or 01546 602935

2012 RIB Rendezvous

Sea-fari will be hosting their RIB Rendezvous again this year, on the weekend of 5th / 6th May.

For full details, and information on how to register, see the RIB Rendezvous WEBSITE.


Celebrate the Solstice tonight (21st December) or celebrate it tomorrow night, depending on which calendar you use and whether you missed it tonight.

Solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night, and afterwards we can count on 3 minutes more per day of daylight, as we begin the journey back upwards to spring. This will be tacking on at the end of the day for a few weeks, though, as the latest sunrise is not until mid-January, and dragging ourselves out of warm beds in the dark and cold will continue to be a trial.

So … get out your candles, hang up the holly and mistletoe


bring in a good-sized log for the fire, and let the mulled wine flow, because Solstice (or Yule) is the traditional mid-winter festival marking the change-over from dark to light, and the re-awakening of the sun from its slumbers.

It is possibly one of the oldest festivals in the world, and was celebrated by ancient cultures in many countries. Stonehenge and other circles are aligned to catch the last rays of the setting solstice sun – or the first rays of the next rising sun, depending on which website you read! Whichever, it was important to our ancestors to know that the year had really “turned”, and that the natural cycle of the seasons would continue. There always lurked the fear that the sunlight and warmth might not return, and that famine would result, so fires were lit to worship and celebrate the sun – and to remind it of what it was supposed to do!

Have a warm and bright Yule, and sit in front of the fire with the gardening books to start planning the spring planting (always assuming that the sun does wake up again, of course …).


SECC meeting

The next Seil & Easdale Community Council meeting will be held in the hall on Easdale Island on Tuesday 22nd November at 7.30pm.

Come along. Hear what the latest issues are. Participate. It’s on your doorstep, after all!!

Scary staff!

New faces on the staff in the ferryshed! Ghoulish groans echo down the slipway as Captain Hallows and Crewman Gallows remind us that it’s Hallowe’en soon.

Who did that skull used to belong to … ?

And whose were those eyeballs … ??

Aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh !!!!

SNHG to record Easdale’s plant life

On 28th June, Seil Natural History Group are organising a biological recording field trip to Easdale, looking mainly at the plant life on the island.

As everyone may frequently stop to look at things, the trip  is not suitable for someone who wants a bracing “walk”, but it is ideal for anyone interested in finding out more about our local natural history. 
All are welcome, there is no need to be a SNHG member, but there is a charge of £2.50 for non-members.  The group will meet at Ellenabeich at 10 am to get the next ferry from Seil to Easdale, so anyone already on Easdale can simply meet the 10.15  ferry.
Let’s hope the weather keeps fine, and that some exciting discoveries are made! It will certainly be interesting to see the results of the survey.
There is more information about what the field trips involve HERE, and there are some beautiful photographs both on that page and elsewhere on the SNHG website, as well as details of other activities and how to become a member.

Rib Rendezvous – feedback please

A request from Sea-fari (please respond direct to them):

Easdale RIB Rendezvous

 Thanks to all who supported the event  We apologise for any disruption but we hope this was kept at a minimum. As we wrap up the file we are seeking feedback both from those who came to visit but more importantly from the local community who may have been affected positively or negatively by the event.

E mail info@easdaleRIBrendezvous.org.uk

We intend to close the files within 10 days.

 Tony 02/05/11

Rib Rendezvous Update

Seafari have  sent the following update on the RIB Rendezvous weekend:

Colonsay, Garvellachs, Corryvreckan

RIBs of all sizes attending & cruising in company



46 RIBs have expressed an interest to attend as at 10th April 2011


Local information

It is hoped the event will bring tourists to the area. The sea is a major asset. We are aware those attending are seeking accommodation in the area. We hope it will encourage people to holiday on Seil and Easdale.


Fri 29th April—we are expecting boats to arrive by road from around noon.

Some boats will leave pm Sun 1st, others Mon 2nd May.


The following have been informed of the event and offered to comment

Seil and Easdale CC, Eilean Eisdeal, EIRPOA, Easdale and Cuan Ferrymen, Argyll and Bute Council, Strathclyde Police, MCGA, RNLI.


Iain McFadyen (A&B Ferries) has spoken with the ferrymen, there are no concerns.

Bill Weston (A&B Roads) has agreed that cars and trailers may use the car park free of charge  and trailers may be parked detached from their vehicles.


We recognise any event however managed causes local disruption.

We hope this will be minimal.

Northern Lights

As you may have seen in the news, recent solar activity means that in
the next few days we have the best chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis for
several years. If it looks as though we’re going to get a good view (clear skies permitting) we’ll let you know.

Easdale RIB Rendezvous – 30th April-1st May 2011

Easdale is attempting to further establish itself as a quality destination for tourism in Argyll. Its unique location, facilities and infrastructure we believe lends itself to activities and events which are related to the sea.

Tourism is a vibrant but rapidly changing market. Visitors are selective. Many are now prepared to travel and participate in organised events.

The weekend 30th April/1st May 2011 we intend to hold the Easdale RIB Rendezvous (RIB – Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat). The proposal is to gather at Easdale during the afternoon/evening of 29th April. Eilean Eisdeal have offered all participants free use of the harbour. The Oyster Bar will act as the gathering point for information and Seafari Adventures have agreed to act as the communications centre.

We are unsure of the response by boaters both local or from further afield but we wish to inform the community of the proposed event. We accept any event however well managed brings disruption but we wish to reassure everyone that every effort is being made to keep this to a minimum. We envisage most visiting boats arriving by road. We expect the size of RIB taking part to be around 6m and suitable for 4 persons. RIBs the size as operated by Seafari are suitable for 14 persons and will dwarf those arriving by road.

Contact has been made with local community groups, A&B Council, the local ferrymen, PC Jeremy Moore and HM Coastguard. It is the intention to assist visiting boat owners with specifics such as parking and launching.

The spin offs to the area we hope will include

1. Promotion of the area as a tourism destination worthy of a long term stay.

2. Increased business for accommodation providers, pubs, restaurants and  Balvicar Stores in what is generally a quieter period.

3. Some may visit the other local tourist attractions.

4. Some may stay for a week or return for longer stays in future years.

 We cannot guarantee the weather but if the weather is favourable the intention is to head to Colonsay on the Saturday. On Sunday there would be an inter island ‘cruise’.

 Quotation from Seilachan December issue

“Currently we have incursions from tourists but they are only here temporarily and they add considerably to our coffers, they pass muster as acceptable and are even sought after.”

 It is hoped that in these times when it is accepted tourism is down around 9% our efforts to offer local businesses the opportunity of increased revenue in a quiet period will be seen as a proactive move for the area. Seafari Adventures recognises that many accommodation providers and other local businesses promote their business. By assisting with this event it is a way to offer something back to the local tourism community.

Visit the event website to find out more: http://www.easdaleribrendezvous.org.uk/