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Many thanks to the reader who sent us the final Independence Referendum ballot paper, leaked through the back doors of Holyrood.

Remember – you saw it here first.

A picture worth a thousand words …

… and well over £2,000 raised for the RNLI.

Royal Mail

I have been an avid reader of Easdale People for quite some time now, and have enjoyed reading the comments of persons intimately involved in local issues which affect the island’s future.

What occurs to me is that the future of Easdale Island is now affected by national issues. I refer of course to the SNP’s bid for an Independent Scotland in 2014.

I have a thought which may be of interest to EP readers. It is simply this. If independence is declared, what will happen to the Royal Mail?

Will all the little red vans be driven south of the border or, if this option is considered too extreme, will the new Scottish Government be required to purchase this considerable fleet of vehicles from the English and have them re-sprayed blue, with a white Saltire upon them? Who would pay for all this work? What effect might it have on the price of a postage stamp from Scotland??

Just a thought. What do others think?

Identity crisis

The SNP press office has recently circulated a press release from one Miek  acKenzie MSO.

Something to do with our local elections, we understand.

Who he/she?? What is an “MSO”??

If this person is supposedly representing us in some capacity – we need to know – we must be told.

Does anyone have any ideas? If so, answers on a postcard please to the Easdale People Newsroom.

Tsk tsk!

It seems from today’s Sunday Herald that John Campbell QC (with whom Easdale Islanders are well acquainted for a number of reasons) has got himself into a spot of bother with the CIA. (No, no. Not the US Central Intelligence Agency! In this case it’s the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.)

Read the Herald article HERE.

Maybe we won’t be seeing so much of him in the future?

Congratulations “Wee Mike”!

Michael MacKenzie jnr. and his partner Jess have just become the parents of a baby boy. Born on Friday 27th January, and weighing in at a hefty and healthy 9lbs, he has been named Archie.

Michael (who hasn’t been “Wee Mike” for a long while) trained as a doctor, and spent the earlier part of his medical career working in Africa on a voluntary basis.

Congratulations to Michael and Jess, and to Granny Lynn and Grandpa Mike!

Editorial Comment

 In the last few days there has been much comment on the For Argyll website with regard to Easdale island and Eilean Eisdeal following an in depth article that they ran. 

I made several strong comments about the Green Streets project and Mike Mackenzie MSP. At first For Argyll allowed the comments to stand until the early hours of Friday morning when the editor started censoring my statements giving the reason that they were simply untrue.

The crux of the matter came down to one statement saying ” Mike Mackenzie had been in and out of Oban Sheriff court on so many occasions that Easdale islanders had lost count”. I was refering to there being more than one case running at the same time. For Argyll said that they had been told, and I believe by Mackenzie, that that was untrue and there was “only one court case”

I had told For Argyll that I would post the truth on Easdale people, so here it is.

 The documents below are from July 2007, Wolseley were a Builders merchant in Oban, I don’t know the particulars of the case but it looks to me that Wolseley forced the case in court far enough for liquidators to be appointed. 

In January 2008 Mackenzie refused to pay Lorne Walton the £4087 that he owed him for electrical work he carried out to a new development of cottages on the island. Lorne then sued for the money. In one three day period in October 2010 Mackenzie was due in  Oban court on the 18th and 19th October when Howden’s Joinery were suing for non payment, he settled out of court, and then on the wednesday 20th he was back again with the on going Walton v Mackenzie case.

It is my belief, and after having looked at all the 124 pages submitted as evidence to the court in the Walton case, that Mackenzie set out to defraud Lorne of the £4087.82. That would no longer just be a civil matter but a criminal one.

When Mackenzie stood as a candidate at last years Holyrood election, he claimed to be “running successful building and development companies”, if that was the case then why did all these companies above have to sue and win for payment? Either he wasn’t or he had a policy of non payment, until taken to court.

Click on to view. 

Wolseley UK v MMB Case

MMB Liquidator


ForArgyll Article

The Easdale situation is currently being discussed on ForArgyll …. well worth a look and comment! Read the article HERE.

La Résistance?

Following a previous article on the ThirdSector website regarding Eilean Eisdeal’s being investigated by OSCR, a ThirdSector journalist visited the island to garner viewpoints from residents and EE directors. Read the article HERE.

Scottish Ferries Review

The long awaited Scottish Ferries Review was published on 21st December, and is out for public consultation until 30th March. The section relating to Kerrera, Luing and Easdale says:

80.  The service to Kerrera is currently provided by the private sector and the services to Luing and Easdale by the Local Authority.

81.  The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring ferry services continue to be provided to our island and remote rural communities. In Chapter 5 our proposal for commercially run ferry services is that in the event of market failure we would intervene if a route is deemed to have a lifeline nature. In addition, our proposal (in Chapter 5) on the future responsibility of ferry services is that we will discuss with Local Authorities whether they wish to transfer responsibility for routes currently under their jurisdiction to the Scottish Government.

82.  In the meantime, our initial findings suggest that these services are fit for purpose and meet most of the communities’ needs.

83.  These communities are asked for their views.

The whole report can be downloaded from the TransportScotland website HERE.

Our ferry service is absolutely essential to us, so please make your views known. Comments can be sent to:

 Colin Grieve, Transport Scotland, Ferries Unit, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ


Meanwhile, you might also like to see our politicians’ first responses to the document on the FORARGYLL WEBSITE.

Looks like Mike Russell and Mike MacKenzie are both quoting the standard SNP lines!