Crafty People

Do the kids want a dog for Christmas …

… but you don’t want one for life?

Here’s your answer! From the people that brought you “Knit your own Royal Wedding”, “Knit your own farmyard” etc., here’s … yes …








Get it from THE BOOK PEOPLE  for only £4.99. Poodle, bulldog, dalmation, pekinese, and more (that looks like a sealyham on the cover to me).

Ridiculous, or what??

A lasting memento

Now you can have a lasting, and personal, memento of The Big Day when Wills and Kate tied the knot. Yes … you can …

“Knit Your Own Royal Wedding”!!

The figures are, eerily, very readily identifiable. The Duke of Ed is a particular favourite in the Easdale People Newsroom – not to mention the Royal Corgis. Of course, now you’ve seen The Dress and all the other paraphernalia you can easily be creative and replicate the real thing. Make up an extra figure, knit a copy of your own favourite outfit (and hat), and you too can be present in Westminster Abbey.

At just £3.99 from THE BOOK PEOPLE it has to be worth it for the giggle!