Something brewing?

We hear that there was an architect staying on island a week or so ago, and being shown all around the island by EE directors and Mike MacKenzie MSP. No, it wasn’t our young friend Waseem (whose website seems to have permanently disappeared), nor our former acquaintance Mary from Dualchas (who similarly has disappeared from our ken), but a new Lady Architect. When politely quizzed, she said that she was here to draw up some sketch plans.

So … are we to expect yet another planning application, or yet another grant application, for something we know nothing about … or what?

Perhaps the ForArgyll journalists will be able to find out for us?

Harbour Master for Easdale

Well it seems Easdale island has its first harbour master! Did we want or need one?? Who was consulted or informed about the new post? Was he just appointed by the directors or was the job advertised? Were the council informed?  Who knows? Once again the Eilean Eisdeal directors fail with intent to inform this community about changes that affect us all. At this point it’s important to remind ourselves that the harbour was bought with public money on behalf of and for the benefit of the whole community, so although Eilean Eisdeal’s name is on the title deeds, we all own it, NOT JUST THE CURRENT DIRECTORS.  So what are the harbour master’s duties, what has he been authorised to do and what are his powers?

Has he been authorised to remove sea kayaks from the pontoon for instance??

Questions, questions, and no answers because Eilean Eisdeal likes to keep eveything a secret; “the community will know when we feel the time is right … for us”.

This is your harbour and your community. Tell us what you think, have your say.