Editorial reply

When we first set up this on line version of Easdale people we didn’t attempt to mimic the original quarterly  magazine. Our idea was to have free flowing, live, online magazine addressing all aspects of island life, where everyone could view and contribute if they so wished.

In the last 17 months, since the concept of the new Easdale People, there has been some very controversial issues raised and covered, we make no apologies for covering topics which would have or have had a dramatic and long lasting effect on island residents everyday lives, ie the wind turbine. This is where the online version differs greatly from the old paper edition.

One of the aims of this magazine is to promote and, if possible, protect the unique conservation status of Easdale Island. In the last 15 years the island has seen many attempts to challenge the conservation status by means of planning applications for development of housing, proposed development of a hostel and even a direct challenge to the local development plan itself using a notable Scottish QC, John Campbell.  The aim of this was to develop 10-12 houses on the allotments. Thankfully the Reporter appointed to hear the case threw it out, stating that those seeking to challenge the LDP did not represent the island community and only had self interest at heart, ie lining their own pockets.

Easdale Island with its conservation status is not the place for people with large scale developments in mind, the community has spoken on more than one occasion, the island doesn’t need or want a development group, run by a few and opposed by the majority. 

Harbour Master

What ever happened to the Easdale island harbour master? In the spring of this year “Ken” was proudly promoted as the main man, the man to deal with for all things harbour, we had posters going up on lamp posts and in the phone box, there was talk in the summer news letter of his imminent permanent residency on the island, he took part in all the jolly fun and games on atlantic day and then……Nothing, he disappeared, and so did the posters, ripped down with venomous intent.

What could have happened?? As I recall, Ken’s departure seemed to coincide with the OSCR report coming out and the subsequent interview given by the Eilean Eisdeal’s chair Keren Cafferty to the charity’s magazine Third sector. 

Did Ken wake up and smell the coffee? Was the truth all to much for him? We could easily see how such a honest man would find it hard to put up with the lies and deceit that the directors of this charity peddle, as I have touched on before, the interview Cafferty gave to third sector was as far from the truth as pluto is from the sun, but then, she has learnt very well from her mentor Mike Mackenzie all about the use of half truths deceit and blatant lies, he’s the master at it.

So Ken, we wish you a fond fair well, thanks for the memories! 


Walton Electrical v Mike Mackenzie builders Ltd

This is an update on the case, heard in Oban Sheriff Court on 28th June.

Mike Mackenzie Builders Ltd formally dropped both their counter claim against Walton Electrical and their defence of the case. The defence of the case in this instance seems to be Mr Mackenzie’s claim that Mr Walton’s electrical work was flawed.  However, in legal terms this means that Walton Electrical has won the case and Mackenzie Builders has to pay up. As we have seen in the last few weeks Mackenzie Builders has changed its name to EB Joinery and the address  of its registered office to E. Thornton’s solicitors in Oban, and Mr Mackenzie and his wife have both transferred all their shares in the company to Iain Mitchell, so with all this uncertainty Mr Walton wanted the case kept within the court system until Mackenzie Builders pays the debt of £4,089.72. With this case having dragged on for more than 3 years Mr Walton’s legal costs and time spent pursuing Mike Mackenzie will be considerable; we  are led to believe a further sum of around £8,000 on top of the original sum.

Sheriff Douglas Small has set the 20th of July for the the two sides to come back into court to make sure Mike Mackenzie MSP  has indeed paid his debt.  

We will give a further update in late July.   




Normal Service

Normal service resumes:

Over the last couple of days we’ve been having some technical difficulties with posting your comments. It seems that some people are not very happy with our website and have been up to no good. This has not surprised me as next Friday is the deadline for all submissions to the planners with regard to the wind turbine, air source heat pump and solar pv panels. As you would expect from your online magazine, we will be covering this in great depth, and it’s perhaps not surprising that the website has come under attack prior to this date.