editorial comment

Editorial comment

I’m sure by now most of the residents of this island have read the news letter recently put out by Eilean Eisdeal. I would like to draw residents’ attention to the misleading information in the news letter with regard to the change of accountants. In the article it states that the members agreed to change accountants to a company with more experience in the charities sector, the company being Simmers and Co in Oban.

Last Wednesday I had a chat with David Hodge of Simmers and Co to get some clarification on the matter, and he told me that “it wouldn’t make any difference to the Eilean Eisdeal accounts if we were to draw them up or if they had stayed with Jean Ainsley”, the charity’s previous accountants. In fact both firms audit accounts for many charities in Argyll, so WHY the sudden change?

In a year where Eilean Eisdeal has been investigated once again by the charities regulator, OSCR, and found to be somewhat wanting in their report with regard to transparency  and openness, add to that the stone walling of residents questions about  how, on what and to whom the £130,000 from the Scottish Gas Green Streets was spent, it all appears pretty odd – and has a faint whiff about it? Perhaps you would agree?

So, we are still left asking, why the change of accountants? Was Jean Ainsley not prepared to be EE’s accountant any more? Had she concerns about what the charity was up to? Did the directors feel she knew to much about their activities, and it was time to move on and start afresh with a new firm who knows nothing about them??

As usual with the Eilean Eisdeal directors, so many questions and NO answers.

Editorial Comment

 In the last few days there has been much comment on the For Argyll website with regard to Easdale island and Eilean Eisdeal following an in depth article that they ran. 

I made several strong comments about the Green Streets project and Mike Mackenzie MSP. At first For Argyll allowed the comments to stand until the early hours of Friday morning when the editor started censoring my statements giving the reason that they were simply untrue.

The crux of the matter came down to one statement saying ” Mike Mackenzie had been in and out of Oban Sheriff court on so many occasions that Easdale islanders had lost count”. I was refering to there being more than one case running at the same time. For Argyll said that they had been told, and I believe by Mackenzie, that that was untrue and there was “only one court case”

I had told For Argyll that I would post the truth on Easdale people, so here it is.

 The documents below are from July 2007, Wolseley were a Builders merchant in Oban, I don’t know the particulars of the case but it looks to me that Wolseley forced the case in court far enough for liquidators to be appointed. 

In January 2008 Mackenzie refused to pay Lorne Walton the £4087 that he owed him for electrical work he carried out to a new development of cottages on the island. Lorne then sued for the money. In one three day period in October 2010 Mackenzie was due in  Oban court on the 18th and 19th October when Howden’s Joinery were suing for non payment, he settled out of court, and then on the wednesday 20th he was back again with the on going Walton v Mackenzie case.

It is my belief, and after having looked at all the 124 pages submitted as evidence to the court in the Walton case, that Mackenzie set out to defraud Lorne of the £4087.82. That would no longer just be a civil matter but a criminal one.

When Mackenzie stood as a candidate at last years Holyrood election, he claimed to be “running successful building and development companies”, if that was the case then why did all these companies above have to sue and win for payment? Either he wasn’t or he had a policy of non payment, until taken to court.

Click on to view. 

Wolseley UK v MMB Case

MMB Liquidator


Editorial comment


Mike Mackenzie was asked for a comment after losing his court case against Walton Electrical, he chose to hide behind the SNP press office and not issue a statement.

The SNP press office put out the following statement. ” After being elected to Holyrood on May the 5th Mr Mackenzie decided to stand down as a director of Mike Mackenzie Builders Ltd and concentrate on his political career and serving the people of Argyll”

Now, we all know that is complete and utter rubbish. Why would anyone with a thriving business stand down as a director and give away all his shares?

It is clear to the good people of Easdale and the wider world that Mike Mackenzie needs to, and is trying to, put as much distance between himself and his corrupt past as possible. He knows and has been advised that it has the ability to sink his political aspirations.

It is also very clear to me that Mike Mackenzie set out to defraud Lorne Walton of the money he owed him and has no intention even now of paying him. So Mr Mackenzie, come on, for the sake of your political career, do the decent thing, try to act like a upstanding and straight MSP, and pay Lorne what you owe him. All the small businesses of Argyll are watching and waiting!

Electricity not off

You may have had one of these through your door about ten days ago:


You will have noticed that the electricity did not go off. Some aware and concerned residents raised questions with the Hydro Board about the proposed cut. The Hydro Board were dumbfounded. They knew nothing about it and, after pursuing enquiries with Eilean Eisdeal, their engineers were not pleased to learn that some firm from England had been engaged to install the monitoring gizmo onto Hydro Board equipment, interfering with the Hydro Board’s transformer in the process. Apparently Centrica/Scottish/British Gas (probably our friend Jack Welch?) had called in SCL Electricals all the way from Northampton to do the deed.

 How arrogant and how cheeky can you get??

 Centrica and Eilean Eisdeal keep claiming they have the support of islanders, conveniently ignoring not only all the objectors to the planning applications, but also the letter signed by 28 islanders some 9 months ago. To remind everybody, this said that:

 “We, the undersigned, have no confidence that Eilean Eisdeal are acting in the best interests of Easdale Island itself, or of the islanders that they claim to represent. We believe that they are driving their own agenda forward, rather than being led by the wishes and aspirations of all islanders”, and called upon Eilean Eisdeal to cancel all projects until they could demonstrate that they were behaving democratically.

 Well, that fell on deaf ears, didn’t it?

 The directors continue to plough their own furrow regardless, and more often than not without islanders’ knowledge. They don’t want to be democratic, they don’t want to listen to islanders. It’s time for them to go.

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Editorial comment


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